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Asian Gourmet Foods Around the World

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Asian Gourmet Foods Around the World

There are indeed at lot of interesting Asian cuisines found in different countries. As such, it can be a joy to try and taste these dishes out every now and then. A lot of authentic cuisines are found in Asia and they are known for the distinct and unique flavors that they bring into the table with regards to their respective dishes. Let us look at some of the Asian gourmet foods from around the world.

Laksa is known as a popular spicy noodle soup in the Peranakan cuisine which combines both Chinese and Malay cuisine. It is consists of rice vermicelli or rice noodles topped with chicken, prawn or fish, served in spicy soup. This can be either based on sour asam (tamarind or gelugur) or on rich and spicy curry coconut milk. Even though Laksa’s name of origin is unknown this did not stop the dish to become widely popular not only in Malaysia and Singapore, but as far as Australia and beyond.

Lumpia is considered to be pastries of Chinese origin which resembles fresh popiah or fried spring rolls popular in Southeast Asia. It should be noted that Hokkien lunpia is what the term lumpia derives from which is an alternate term for popiah. Both the fried and fresh versions of the recipe became popular where they settled in Indonesia and the Philippine and this was made possible with the help of Chinese immigrants who brought them from the Fujian province of China to Southeast Asia. In the Philippines it is called Lumpiang Shanghai  or is also known as Filipino spring rolls

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A Cantonese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates is what you will find with a Chinese Dim Sum. It provides a unique and different way of serving food as these dishes are carted around the restaurant whereby fully cooked and ready-to-serve for customers to choose their orders while seated at their tables. Dim sum comes with different variety which includes steamed buns such as cha siu baau, dumplings and rice noodle rolls. Its ingredients range from including beef, chicken, pork, prawns and vegetarian options. Furthermore, there are also dim sum restaurants that provide plates of steamed green vegetables, roasted meats, congee porridge and other soups as well as dessert dim sum options.

Balut is an exotic dish which is made from a developing duck embryo (fertilized duck egg) that is boiled and eaten in the shell. You will find these commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines where it originated. Countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos Cambodia and Vietnam also serve such delicacy and are often served with beer. This video briefly teaches one how to eat a balut for those who don’t know how to properly eat it.

There are definitely more Asian gourmet foods around the world are not included in this feature and we have barely scratch its surface. Learning more about these dishes will greatly help in appreciating their unique and authentic flavors while also give insights on how to eat and order them properly.