There are few circumstances in life where accompanying good food is not an improvement on the situation. Great moments in life, whether they be filled with love or excitement, are supported by a delicious repast, usually, following the heights of action. Food nurtures us and grounds us, once more, after the demands of passion.  Food is for sharing within a community or family unit. Breaking bread together at table and communing with our fellow human beings. We break our fast after a night’s sleep. We sit down to dinner together after a day’s work. Eating time delineates our days. These basic factors show the importance of good food in all situations.

Good Food vs Capitalism

As society has become more sectionalised and specialised, with people producing particular goods and services, our eating habits are, often, fed by others. We eat out more often and we buy ready to eat takeaway. Fewer of us prepare our own meals and those of our families. This takes our food rituals into the domain of capitalism. Money making arches over the businesses and industries that produce and serve our food. Good food must daily battle with greed, profit and loss. The importance of good food in all situations is weighed in balance with the tenets of free enterprise and the market economy.

Good Food Rituals Make Us Human

Making a good impression is inextricably linked to how and what we eat. Health is predicated on diet, despite what the pharmaceutical giants may say to the contrary. Good food rituals make us human, both in what we consume and how we consume it. Quality gourmet food creators will always have a place at the table of life, for those who wish to thrive and, not, merely, survive. The importance of good food in all situations is an anchor upon which we can secure our place on this earth.

Good Food is the Song, We Should All Be Singing

Spreading the message about the importance of good food has never been more vital. The population of this planet is blowing out like the cheeks of an obese human being playing the trombone. We must value the production of good food at the very top of our priorities, if we are to survive through the 21C and beyond. Crappy fast food will not pay the piper in the long run. Food and health should be taken out of the hands of accountants and the share market. Good food is the song we should all be singing.