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Social Media vs. SEO: Which Is Better for Food Industry Businesses?

by Sese Kittre 0 Comments
Social Media vs. SEO: Which Is Better for Food Industry Businesses?

Businesses and the food industry in general uses the latest innovation and technology to have themselves get heard by the community today. The most popular platform in advertising your products and services can be found over the internet. Social media and SEO has received its fair share of the spotlight making them one of the top advertising choices business owners choose to take. With that being said, which is better for food industry businesses, social media or SEO?

There is no denying what impact social media has brought in the food industry. How has social media changed food marketing?  Well for a variety of reasons. The rise of social media has led to a shift in the way consumers view food brands – and the way that food brands interact with their customers, according to experts speaking on the side lines of Food Vision in Cannes. Furthermore, the power of social media in food & restaurant marketing is now considered to be quite vast and expansive especially since it is able to reach customers you never dream of having. In fact, Instagram’s main purpose today seems to be showcasing pictures of our meals. And it’s not just food—everything about a person’s life is now on display on social media. This is quite apparent today when you see a lot of companies including restaurants and bars have setup their very own social media profiles for their customers and fans to follow. Social media has indeed helped crossed the borders allowing for businesses especially in the food industry to expand and grow like never before.

One should note take SEO for granted however, especially since they work wonders to a website. Individuals, who look for food services, often go to search engines to find the most relevant results. With the help of SEO, food industry businesses become much easier to find over the internet. SEO for Food Businesses utilizes and make use of several tools which include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool, Google Keyword Planner, GT Metrix and the likes. A huge number of individuals have also found success with the help of SEO. You will find several SEO testimonials over the internet with stories on how they were able to capitalize SEO and make them successful in the industry that they are working on.

In conclusion, there is no definitive answer for which is better in the food industry businesses. It should be noted that there is no reason to pick a particular approach and not pick the other one as well especially since both social media and SEO work hand in hand together in keeping businesses relevant to a huge number of individuals. What is important however is to find a professional digital agency that is able to handle both social media and SEO for their clients to make good use of.

Using both social media and SEO at the same time may pose a challenge for some food business owners however, readily available help are being provided over the internet. You will find a lot of digital agencies today that is able to help streamline the process with regards to social media and SEO uses. Don’t hesitate to look and inquire for their services if ever your decide to make use of these approaches.